Do you have a question about your allocation, RSA, or annual leave? Then this FAQ might help you:

  • Q: Is the summer cover a mandatory requirement ?
    • R: no, it is a management tool put in place few years ago to ensure that students could have access to academic staff all year around. There is no contractual obligation to part take in this initiative.
  • Q: Can my HOD/Dean dictate when I take my annual leave?
    • R: it is considered as an acceptable request for HOD/Dean to encourage you take leave at certain periods of the academic year, but it needs to be aligned with contract specifications (entitlement to 6 weeks continuous leave – not unreasonably refused ) and the rights to RSA too
  • Q: Would taking AL during term time extend my 38 weeks?
    • R: if you are not teaching or engaging in teaching related activities that week, the answer is yes
  • Q: Do I need to be accessible via email whilst on RSA?
    • R: yes, you are required to be contactable. Which means you should be checking your emails at least once a day. We recommend that you check them at the beginning or end of play to avoid potential distraction.
  • Q: Can I be asked to go to the office whilst on RSA?
    • R: your RSA leave should only be disrupted in the event of a business critical issue taking place.
  • Q: Do I have to be on campus during my RSA?
    • R: No
  • Q: Can I ask for a UCU rep to attend a meeting with management for support?
    • R: yes – but not in all cases though – we can only be involved in formal meetings – you can ask but they may say no! 
  • Q: Can I be asked to cover for a colleague without prior notice?
    • R: This will depend. Obviously, it is reasonable to give notice but this may not always be possible. If your workload is not at 100% you could be asked to cover – we would expect this to be with reasonable notice where possible and that cover would relate to an area that you are capable of delivering in at short notice 
  • Q: Do I have to engage in marketing recruitment activities?
    • R: all academic members of staff can be asked to engage in marketing and recruitment activities for up to 6 Saturdays in a given academic year. These activities should recorded in the workload system and a lieu day should be agreed prior to the event taking place. You may also have received an allowance for M&R activities
  • Q: Do I have to work evenings (5pm-9pm)?
    • R: Academic members of staff can be required to work evenings (5pm-9pm) for up to two nights a weeks. However, there are potential adjustments  for members of staff who have kids below 6 years old. (refer to Flexible Working Policy & Procedure) – not just for those to be honest – we think this could apply to anyone with caring responsibilities (see Carer Policy & Procedure) etc. Even if you weren’t covered it could be about what’s reasonable or agreed, this always used to be covered by the 10 sessions rule in the silver book! So if you worked an evening you would have a session (morning or afternoon free of teaching – and if you worked 2 you would get a day in lieu