Know Your Contract


This guidance relates to the contract for academic staff, full-time and fractional part-time, at the University of Teesside.

The Contract

•    38 Teaching and Teaching Related Weeks (TTR)

•    6 Weeks Self Managed Scholarly Activity (SMSA – sometimes called RSA by managers)

•    35 days Leave plus Christmas/New Year Closure
Christmas/New Year is 1 week, 3 Bank Holidays and 2 days leave

The 38 TTR Weeks

  • Weeks not days
  • Start first Monday in September
  • Ends 42 or 43 weeks later (depending on your School’s approach to ‘reading week’)
  • Does not include the 2 weeks of the Christmas Vacation
  • Does not include the 2 weeks of the Easter or Spring Break Vacation
  • Does not include ‘Reading Week’ if your School has one and designates it as a non-teaching week.


  • Any time which is not TTR or Leave
  • Self managed not directed
  • Normally part of the PDR is used to discuss how this time is to be used


  • 35 Days plus 2 which are part of Christmas/New Year Closure
  • Must be booked using Annual Leave Record Card
  • Is entered on central record system
  • Entitled to 6 weeks continuous