Workload Planning Framework – Version 16

This is the long awaited Workload Planning Framework, “Working as an Academic at Teesside University”.

Working as an Academic at Teesside University

There are two appendices to this document. Neither of these form part of any agreement with management since they are very likely to change through experience. What is presented here represents the starting point for future negotiated changes, which must be based on evidence and follow the rules contained within the main agreement.

Appendix One is a list of roles and associated Category 3 allowances. The main document promotes a principle of evidence based practice – the allowances listed are initial suggestions only. If you are taking on a Category 3 role then the number of hours allocated must be based on what is required to do that job – evidence based.

20100528 Academic Workload Planning Model Appendix One

Appendix Two is a suggested workload data collection spreadsheet which would be used by all staff.

20100528 V11 Academic Workload Planning Model Appendix Two