Branch Annual General Meeting 2019

The 2019 Branch AGM will be held on Tuesday 28th May from 12.00 in the Constantine Lecture Theatre (CLT).

Nominations for Branch Officers and School Reps can be made using the forms provided. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Please show your support for the Branch by attending the AGM.

Workload Planning Framework – Version 16

The ways in which academic workloads are calculated and allocated varies widely from School to School, and the University is seeking to standardise this process and make it much more transparent. Your UCU branch negotiators have been involved in this development from the very start.

After several years of negotiation we have finally arrived at a document that your Branch Executive can recommend to you. There will be an open meeting held on Wednesday 21st September in CL187 at 1pm where the proposals will be discussed. There will also be a second opportunity to discuss the proposals on the following day. Thursday 22nd September, in OL1 at 12 noon.

There is a very important point that needs to made up front:

Nothing in these proposals in any way undermines or changes the national contract. This version (and previous versions) has been checked and validated by UCU nationally.

You can find the documents on this website here.

The new Workload Planning Framework was endorsed by the Branch Membership and is now an agreement with management.

Note that the appendices are NOT part of that agreement. Category 3 allowances must be evidence based and are not prescribed. The version of the appendices presented here represents the starting point for further negotiation.